Thursday, 26 April 2012

♥♥ My ONLINE BOUTIQUE ♥♥ Give support...hahaha...

Harrllooo darl~~

Morning everyone, wanna share with u peeps....taddddaaaaa~~~~~~

Here my new page of my Online Boutique through FB, and i really need uolls support me. Cheersss!! to give some support just like my page....and if u want be my best supporter......don't hesitate to buy any of my dress, shirt, accessories, jumpsuit, shoes and all item...horraayyy...

Click this link direct to my page:

The best price i will give to uolls if uolls purchase 3> items....selain tu semua harga dalam butik ni dah termasuk postage korang tk payah penat-penat pikir pasal postage....

Juz remember more items u purchase more discount u will get!!!

WeeeEEeeeeEEee~~~ Shopping time!!!

We have 2 way how for u to place order~

1st way:
U can inbox or leave message at my page

Leave your details
no. phone:
items code/color/size/url:

2nd way:
U can fill this order form:

So ni ada sedikit review dress yg ada kat Mchoc Boutique:

Nak tgk lagi??? ha...kalo nk tgk lain-lain gambar sila la like page saya dan view album dalam tu ye!!!



  1. Hehehe...comelkan...bnyk lagi design. tgk la kt page ye...hehehe...